Open Source SMP server

Holodeck SMP is a Service Meta-data Publisher (SMP) that provides capability information of Participants in a data exchange network.
It is commonly used in four-corner networks, such as Peppol and the Business Payments Coalition (BPC) / Digital Business Network Alliance (DBNA).
In large networks, an SMP is used to find the Access Point of the Service Provider that handles the exchange of documents, like invoices and remittances, on behalf of the Participant.

The current version of Holodeck SMP supports two SMP specifications:
– the OASIS Standard Service Metadata Publishing (SMP) version 2.0, used by the BPC / DBNA, and
– the Peppol SMP specification.

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The main principle of the Holodeck SMP administration UI is that data is entered just once and re-used when needed.
This not only greatly reduces the amount of work involved with entering a new participant, but also reduces the risk of configuration errors.
Our user interface guides you through the steps of setting up your SMP server, from more generic to participant specific configuration.

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