Working directory

When run out of the box the SMP server will use the current directory as its working directory where it will store its data and expect any configuration files. To specify a different working directory set the Java system property smp.home to the path of the directory to use by adding the -D command line argument when starting the server:

java -jar -Dsmp.home=«path to working dir» holodeck-smp-server-«version».jar


Both the connections for querying the SMP and the administration UI can be secured using HTTPS. To set up the secure connections a configuration file must be created in the server’s working directory, to configure the query server and for the administration UI. These are Java properties files which must contain the following properties to setup the HTTPS connections:

  • server.port : the port on which the server is listening.
  • server.ssl.key-store : the path to the key store that contains the TLS key and certificate. You can use ${smp.home} to specify the SMP’s working directory.
  • server.ssl.key-store-password : the password used to access the key store.
  • server.ssl.key-store-type : the type of the key store (JKS or PKCS12).
  • server.ssl.key-alias : the alias that identifies the key in the key store.
  • server.ssl.key-password : the password used to access the key in the key store.

NOTE: When securing the query API all calls will be secured using TLS. In the Peppol network securing the SMP query however is not allowed. Therefore we recommend to use a reverse proxy server if support for both TLS secured OASIS SMP V2 queries and unsecured Peppol SMP queries is needed.


By default the server writes the logging to the console with the log level set to INFO. The log level can be adjusted by changing the logging.level.root and properties in the configuration file in the server’s working directory. 

To also write the logging to file add the property to the configuration file and set it to the path of the log file. The size of the log file is maximised to 10MB by default and a history of seven files is kept. To change the maximum size and number of log files to keep you can set the logging.file.max-size and logging.file.max-history properties to

For example to have a more detailed server specific log written to files with a maximum size of 25MB and a history of two files the following properties should be set in
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