Installation requirements

To run the Holodeck SMP Server you will need a Java 16 run-time environment.
Holodeck SMP runs on most platforms and has been tested on MacOS and Linux. We recommend using a Linux server. Any (virtual) server with 4GB of memory is a great place to start. 


Download the latest version of Holodeck SMP from the repository.


Holodeck SMP consists of two parts; one a REST based API for responding to queries and another one that implements a web-based user interface for the management of the participant’s capabilities.

The application itself consists of a single executable jar file. It can be run out of the box in which case it will use the default configuration that will 

  • make the SMP server available for querying on port 80 and supports both the OASIS V2 and Peppol SMP REST bindings, 
  • make the administration UI available on port 8080,
  • store the meta-data in a file in the current directory and
  • log to the console. 

To start the server execute the following command:

java -jar holodeck-smp-server-«version».jar

On the initial start of the server an administrator account is created which details can be found in the logging. It is recommended to change the password as first action.