The Endpoint meta-data provides information how and where services offered by the Participant can be consumed or in case of document exchange, how and where documents addressed to the Participant are expected to be sent to. In a four corner network this will be the Access Point of the Service Provider who acts on behalf of the Participant. 

The endpoint meta-data includes the technical information needed by communication partner to setup the connection like the Transport Profile that is used, the URL were the endpoint is located and zero or more certificates that are used for signing and encryption. Furthermore it may include the dates between which the endpoint is available and who can be contacted in case of problems. 

To manage the Endpoints on the Holodeck SMP click on Endpoints in the top-level menu bar. When adding or editing an endpoint certificate you must copy the PEM encoded version in the X.509 Certificate field. You can get the PEM encoded certificate from the PKCS#12 key pair file with tools like KeyStore Explorer.

NOTE: The set of Endpoint meta-data available in the data model of the OASIS SMP Standard version 2 is different from the one used in version 1 of OASIS SMP Standard and the PEPPOL SMP Specification. The table below shows the support for the different elements:

Meta-data elementOASIS SMP v2OASIS SMP v1 & PEPPOL
Transport profileRequiredRequired
‍Endpoint URLRequiredRequired
Endpoint activation dateOnly date supportedSupported
Endpoint expiration dateOnly date supportedSupported
Contact infoSupportedMust be a URI
CertificatesMultiple certificates can used.Only one certificate can be used. If multiple certificates are registered the first one will be used.
Certificate.Usage CodeSupportedNot supported
Certificate.Activation time stampOnly date supportedNot supported
Certificate.Expiration time stampOnly date supportedNot supported
Endpoint Meta-data: differences between SMP2 and SMP1/Peppol
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