Peppol SML integration

When the SMP server is used in the Peppol network it must be registered in the SML so Access Points can find the server when searching for the capabilities of a Participant. Before the server can be registered in the SML you first need to configure the SMP certificate.

To manage the SML registration you must be logged in with an administrator account.
Click on Settings in the top level menu bar and select the SML Integration tab. Based on the configured certificate the server has already set the environment, i.e. acceptance (called SMK) or production, in which the SMP must be registered. 

To register or update the existing registration in the SML enter the data of the SMP in the fields and click Save SMP data in SML. Due to DNS naming rules, the SMP identifier should only contain letters, digits and the hyphen character. Note that you cannot change the SMP identifier once the SMP has been registered in the SML. 

Removing an SMP

Click on Remove SMP from SML to remove the SMP registration from the SML. As this will also remove all participants from the SML and as a result make it impossible for them to receive document, you need to confirm the removal. 

Basic SMP settings: SMP Certificate Identifier Schemes →