Service Meta-data Templates

The Service Meta-data Template is a concept specific to Holodeck SMP to make management of the Participant capabilities easier. When multiple Participants are serviced by the same Service Provider it is common that they expose the same set of capabilities and use the same endpoints. The Service Metadata Template represents such a shared set of capabilities and endpoints, which can be re-used by Participants. 

The Holodeck SMP data model, shown in the diagram below, follows the data model from the OASIS SMP Standard version 2.0 but with the ProcessMetadata and Process classes renamed to Process Group and Process Info

Although the data-model is very flexible and allows use of specific endpoints depending on the context in which the service is used, i.e. in which business process and depending on the Participant’s role in that process, network profiles may restrict the allowed combinations.

NOTE: The data-model of the OASIS SMP Standard version 1 and the PEPPOL SMP Specification is a subset of the data-model used by Holodeck SMP and does not support redirection for individual processes, but only for the complete service. It also doesn’t support specifying the Participant’s role. When redirection is needed this can be configured using a single Process Group without any Process Info. 

Templates can be managed in the administration UI on the Service Metadata Templates tab you will find under the top-level menu bar Service Metadata item.
Before you can add templates you must have configured the Service, Processes and Endpoints that it will use.

Currently Holodeck SMP does not put limitations on the process groups that can be included in a template. When editing a Service Metadata Template you should therefore make sure to create a consistent set of information so a party requesting the data can unambiguously determine which endpoint (or redirection) to use. As stated above network profiles may also restrict the allowed combinations.