Holodeck SMP released!

A new, better SMP is now available and best of all – it’s open source!
Holodeck SMP is a user friendly SMP server that will save you time and money.

Holodeck SMP supports two versions of SMP: Peppol SMP – the very first version of SMP that is widely used in the Peppol network for exchange of orders and e-Invoices, as well as the new SMP2. SMP v.2 is the latest version of the SMP specification and is used in the Digital Business Network Alliance (DBNAlliance) network.

Holodeck SMP comes with a user friendly front end portal based on the principle of entering data just once and reusing it when needed. No need to re-enter all supported DocumentID’s for every new customer – a huge time saver that also eliminates the risk of errors!

You can find us on Github – leave us a star, download Holodeck SMP and try it out!