New release: Holodeck SMP 2.0

This new release of Holodeck SMP sees addition of a REST API for participant management. Several features for use in the Peppol network are also added, including support for the newest signing algorithm used.

A much requested new feature is the REST API for participant management we have added. Use it to connect your back end system and automatically add new customers to your SMP server.
The API is also useful for importing your current customers when migrating to Holodeck SMP.

Users in the Peppol network will welcome support for the newest signing algorithm in use, SHA-256.
Also added is support for Peppol Directory business cards.
And automated registration of certificate updates in the Peppol SML means you can upload and plan activation of your new certificate in 1 go – no more having to remember to log in one or more days later to activate a new certificate. Simple pre-register your new certificate and specify the date you want it activated on.

See the Changelog for a full list of changes in this version and download your copy now!


Holodeck SMP released!

A new, better SMP is now available and best of all – it’s open source!
Holodeck SMP is a user friendly SMP server that will save you time and money.

Holodeck SMP supports two versions of SMP: Peppol SMP – the very first version of SMP that is widely used in the Peppol network for exchange of orders and e-Invoices, as well as the new SMP2. SMP v.2 is the latest version of the SMP specification and is used in the Digital Business Network Alliance (DBNAlliance) network.

Holodeck SMP comes with a user friendly front end portal based on the principle of entering data just once and reusing it when needed. No need to re-enter all supported DocumentID’s for every new customer – a huge time saver that also eliminates the risk of errors!

You can find us on Github – leave us a star, download Holodeck SMP and try it out!